• Lymphatic Drainage Herbal FootBath

Lymphatic Drainage Herbal FootBath

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Take a look at our customers who have experienced the amazing relief and cleansing benefits of our new product:

"It's been a difficult life having to deal with swollen and inflamed feet. It hindered me from doing everyday normal things. But after using this foot bathe for a while now, the swelling in my legs has subsided and I can finally walk and move around with ease and without pain!"

Elena Martin, 29, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"I've had some swelling in my leg and it got so bad that it even swelled up my veins. I developed really bad varicose veins and It's painful all over and it makes it hard to move. Thankfully I was able to find this footbath and I've felt so much better since using it! No more swelling, no more pain, and no more varicose veins!"

Aly Turner, 33, San Diego, California

lymphatic system is our body's waste management system. It gets rid of toxins, tract fats, and cellular waste.

The Lymphatic system is what helps us stay healthy, it delivers nutrients to our body. It drains waste from every cell and organ in the body, including the heart and digestive system, and is home to our immune system too. It's also responsible for giving us energy, it does this by converting excess fat into triglycerides which gives us the boost we need to function every day and helps us lose excess weight. 

Lymphatic System is the Organ Which Drains The Most Waste

Since we are exposed to at least 700,000 different toxins a day, it's important to maintain our Lymphatic System. Keeping our lymphatic system or “drains” clean is critical to optimal health and longevity. That's because out of all the parts of our body that drains out toxins, our Lymphatic System detoxifies us the most!

Top Lymph Herbs To Help Detoxify

For those reasons above we have developed a unique formula that helps keep our lymph clean and clear.

  • Angelica is an interesting pale green herb that has a lot of benefits to its name. The herbs have proven to have antioxidant, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties. It also enhances blood circulation and helps support and clean out our lymphatic system.

  • Osmanthus is a famous flower in traditional medicine. It's a natural detoxifying ingredient which is known to get rid of toxins and harmful things like heavy metals and urea in your body and treat health issues in your endocrine system, especially in your liver and kidney.

  • Safflower is a well-known plant that is commonly used as a medicinal component in many products. That's because of its many health effects such as pain relief, anti-inflammation, and it's also a potent anti-oxidant. It's one of the ingredients that help resolve swelling of the legs and inflammation in other body parts well.

  • Ginger is another incredible plant that possesses an incredible amount of anti-oxidants that prevents stress build up and stops any damaging effects to your DNA. It allows your body to easily fight off multiple chronic diseases and illnesses. It also allows you to age healthily.

And these are exactly what's in our Lymphatic Drainage Herbal Foot Bath! It's a great product that can help you clean and clear your lymphatic system! Our foot baths help combat obstructions forming in your lymph so that they can function properly and help eliminate swelling and inflammation in your legs. While it gets rid of the toxins in your body, it also strengthens your immune system and lymphatic system.

Here Are Features Why Our Lymphatic Drainage Herbal Foot Bath Is So Sought After:

  •  Resolves Swelling and Inflammation In Legs
  •  Cleans and Clears Your Lymphatic System
  •  Detoxifies Your Body From Toxins, Harmful Heavy Metals, and Urea
  •  Strengthens Your Immune System
  •  Anti-Fungal, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Bacterial Properties
  •  Made From Top Ingredients That Improve Lymphatic System

How To Use:

  • Pour 5ml of the Lymphatic Drainage Herbal FootBath into a foot basin
  • Then pour warm water into the foot basin (Recommended temperature: 45 degrees Celsius)
  • Soak your feet into the footbath for at least 30 minutes and massage them
  • Towel dry your feet afterwards, then repeat every 2 to 3 days to get maximum effects

Here's One Of Our Customers, Jane Carragher's Experience With Our Lymphatic Drainage Foot Bath:

As I grew older my legs started to swell up bigger and bigger. And I've been struggling with this problem for years now. Most of the medical options were either too expensive or too scary for me. But luckily I came across this footbath and it changed my life. Here's my journey with the Lymphatic Drainage Herbal FootBath and how it helped me bring my leg back to normal.

After using the footbath regularly for a week, the changes were minimal but they were present and slightly visible! The mere fact that this footbath made a change even if it was small, it made me continue using it even more. Especially since there's still a long way to go to reduce the swelling in my leg.

In the 4th week, I was pleasantly surprised by just how much the swelling has reduced. It was a significant change and it was very obvious and visible. I was doing 3 footbaths a week at this point, and it was all worth it.

Week 8 was an incredible revelation. The progress I made from week 4 was borderline unbelievable. While my leg was still a bit swollen and I still felt like it was weighing me down, the improvement was day and night. I wanted to see if I could completely eliminate the swelling so I still continued using it even with such big changes.

On the final week of my use of the footbath I can confidently say that it has really resolved the swelling in my legs. I feel normal again, there's no more pain, no more heavy feeling, and it was easier to move now. I'm so happy with the results. Thank you so much for this product, it's life changing!


  • 1x Bottle Lymphatic Drainage Herbal FootBath 10/30 ml

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